Woman survives one accident, not the next

December 3, 2010

Linda Jean Robbins, 62, of Shelbyville died Friday morning on the southeast side of Indianapolis when she was struck by a car after surviving a crash. Robbins was driving on the Southeastern Avenue ramp off Interstate 74 at about 6:15 a.m. when her SUV slid on ice into a guard rail. She was ejected from the vehicle and survived. Robert W. Tompkins, 48, of Rushville and another man stopped to help Robbins when another car lost control on the icy ramp. The car, driven by 22-year-old Kevin Shadday Jr., hit Robbins and Tomkins. Robbins died on the scene and Tomkins suffered non-life-threatening injuries. Shadday was driving with a suspended license and may face charges, police say.