Mayoral contender Kennedy to leave day job

December 28, 2010

Democratic mayoral candidate Melina Kennedy will leave her attorney job at law firm Baker and Daniels on Friday to begin campaigning full-time next month.

Kennedy, a former deputy mayor under Bart Peterson, announced her plans in an e-mail sent Tuesday afternoon.

“I have enjoyed my time at the firm and I appreciate having had the opportunity to work at such an outstanding organization,” Kennedy wrote in the e-mail. “I will always be grateful for the experience I've had at Baker and Daniels. “

Kennedy, who ran unsuccessfully for county prosecutor in 2006, is the presumptive Democratic challenger to incumbent Mayor Greg Ballard, a Republican, next fall. Ballard, who was elected in 2007, formally announced his plans to run for re-election earlier this month. 

Democrats Ron Gibson, a former City-County Council member, and Jose Evans, a current councilman, also intend to run and have established campaign committees. County Democrats will choose their nominee from the group in February.


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