Study: Smoke-free policies aren't an economic drag

March 30, 2009
As a self-proclaimed "neutral" judge, a team of Indiana University health researchers has concluded that smoke-free-workplace laws do not have a negative economic impact.

The IU Center for Health Policy's analysis concluded that 47 of 49 studies on the economic impact to the hospitality industry found no adverse effect. Also, a smaller amount of research on casinos shows no negative impact on overall revenue or revenue per machine.

Also, IU's researchers found that smoke-free workplaces save employers money by reducing absenteeism and health insurance costs. The Indiana General Assembly this year has debated a proposal to ban smoking in all businesses around the state.

Don't bet on restaurant, bar and casino owners' bowing to IU's review of existing studies, which excluded research not published in peer reviews or which included "unverifiable data".
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