Allied Group Insurance honors clients with charity gifts in their name

December 8, 2008
The Indianapolis office of Allied Group Insurance Services will send its usual Christmas card to clients, but this year, the card is all.

The money the Orlando-based group health insurance broker normally spends on special lunches or bottles of wine is going to College Mentors for Kids ($1,000), Damar Services Inc. ($1,000), and toward gifts for a family whose 3-year-old is being treated for a rare form of cancer at Riley Hospital for Children.

"We just thought it would be a whole lot better to forgo fruit baskets and popcorn tins and really make a difference in people's lives," said David Norris, president of AGIS Indiana.

The donations in lieu of thank-you gifts began last year in the Orlando office under AGIS National President Andria Herr.

Norris said it didn't take much for him and three other regional presidents to follow Herr's lead, especially after hearing the positive feedback from clients.
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