Startup wants animal shelter in Hendricks County

December 10, 2011

A group of animal lovers is trying to open Hendricks County’s first private, not-for-profit shelter.

Unlike other suburban counties, Hendricks does not have a private shelter where the primary mission is long-term rehabilitation and adoption, said Renee Harlor, president and co-founder of Misty Eyes Dog Shelter and Humane Education Learning Center. (Strays end up at Hendricks County Animal Control, which attempts to reunite lost pets with their owners and arranges adoptions.)

Misty Eyes is not a shelter just yet. The founders have a website, www.mistyeyes.org, where they list adoptable dogs and try to raise money. The dogs stay in homes while awaiting adoption.

Education is a high priority for the group.

“We understand the correlation between animal abuse and human-directed violence,” Harlor said. “It is our mission to educate our community on the importance of respect to all living things and help to make Hendricks County a great place to live.”


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