"My Girlfriend’s Boyfriend"

April 25, 2012

April 28

Clowes Hall

Guy gets on stage and talks about stuff. That seems to be the esthetic of much of what’s been happening lately at Clowes Hall. Last week, it was David Sedaris. On May 9, it’s Garrison Keillor. This time, it’s Mike Birbiglia, the stand-up comic and “Bob & Tom Show” frequent visitor who turned his somnambulant nightmares into the hit show “Sleepwalk With Me,” which became an off-Broadway hit. In this show, he tells of the ups and downs of his love life, including a fairly graphic description of riding the Scrambler on a full stomach. Dean Metcalf, producer of the “Bob and Tom Show,” offers some pre-show insight for ticketholders who opt to arrive early. Details here.