"Flights of Fancy: A Brilliance of Birds"

May 22, 2012


Opening May 26

Indianapolis Zoo

Say goodbye to the goats from the petting area of the zoo behind the merry-go-round. Say hello to a lorikeet resting on your head picking at your ear wax. This weekend, the Indianapolis Zoo gets a significant upgrade—and patrons may make some new feathered friends—with this new permanent exhibition. Included is a flamingo-filled outdoor area with barely a barrier, walk-through aviaries with flocks of birds all around, and a 4-D theater where (for an additional fee), Dora and Diego take about 50 people at a time on a wind-blown, banana-smelling, bubble-blowing trip to the tropical rainforest. There’s a playground, too, and an area designed to attract local birds to the exotic mix. Also cool: A new Nursing Mom’s Nest, a separate building with privacy areas (decorated with animal-painted art) for when it's feeding time for the humans. Details here