Many banks still digging out from Great Recession trauma

October 13, 2012

The following statistics reflect performance of the 10 banks with the largest market shares in the Indianapolis Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Few of the ratios compare to levels banks enjoyed prior to the recession of December 2007 to June 2009, according to John Reed, president of David A. Noyes & Co.’s investment banking group. For example, par for return on equity for good banks before the recession was 13 percent to 15 percent. And nonperforming loans for nearly all good banks were below 1 percent.

However, banks are steadily improving their performance.

Return on equity, net interest margin and the efficiency ratio are annualized for the six months ended June 30. Equity/assets and NPAs/assets are as of June 30. Deposit figures are for the Indianapolis area; ratios are for the entire bank system-wide.

To see the statistics, click here.

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