Indianapolis government workers in line for raises

January 12, 2013

Indianapolis government workers will be eligible for merit raises this year, even while their bosses look to cut budgets as much as 5 percent.

Mayor Greg Ballard included in the 2013 budget $3 million for the raises, which apply to about 2,500 non-union personnel, spokesman Marc Lotter said.

Ballard promised the raises before rolling out his budget proposal last summer and after double-digit raises for some of his deputies came to light. The raises for 14 cabinet-level staff members averaged 18 percent.

Ballard on Jan. 7 struck a budget compromise with City-County Council President Maggie Lewis in which both parties will seek budget cuts of up to 5 percent from city and county departments in 2013.

Lotter said top-performing city employees could still get raises, up to 3 percent, even while their department budgets are being cut.

“Evaluations are taking place right now,” he said.

Lotter said it’s been several years since city workers received any raise. At least one agency is looking to give an across-the-board cost-of-living adjustment of 2 percent, rather than merit raises. Prosecutor Terry Curry has been assured by the Mayor’s Office and council that it’s his prerogative to give raises, spokeswoman Peg McLeish said.

Police and firefighters will get 3-percent raises in July under an agreement Ballard reached in December.


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