August 5, 2013

-4554 Winthrop Partners LLC bought two multi-family buildings consisting of 30 units at 4554 N. Winthrop Ave. and 919 E. 46th St. The buyer was represented by Ivan Barratt of Barratt Asset Management Inc. The seller, Patel HNB Inc., was represented by Bob Lindgren and Scott Herider of Lee & Associates.

-Planet Fitness bought a 26,400-square-foot retail building at 3479 Kentucky Ave. The buyer was represented by Bart Jackson and Scot Courtney of Lee & Associates. The seller, COW LLC, was represented by Ron Mannon of Lee & Associates.

-Nur Halefa and Abdu Berhanu bought an 1,800-square-foot retail building at 1006 W. Morris St. The buyer and seller, Roquil Inc., were represented by Mike Medlock of Lee & Associates.