Wealth manager advises long view

January 12, 2009
When the stock market cratered last year, it demolished many portfolios. But as devastating as investors' losses were, people have suffered far worse trials and tribulations. That's why Ron Rich, president of Indianapolis-based Capstone Wealth Advisors, has been reminding his clients to keep a long view of history.

Most wealth managers these days regularly remind investors that the best opportunities for gains often come in recessions, when markets bottom out and attractive stocks are radically undervalued. Many point to the S&P 500's enormous growth over the 20th century, following the end of the Great Depression.

But Rich takes an even longer view. That's why last month, Capstone sent copies of the DVD "Amazing Grace" to all its clients. The 2006 film tells the story of William Wilberforce, who led the crusade in the late 1700s to end Britain's slave trade. Rich said he wants to remind investors that even the darkest nights eventually reach dawn.

He also points out that, relative to most places on earth, the United States remains a remarkably attractive place to live. Food, shelter and opportunity are still relatively abundant here. There are many other countries where that's not the case.

"Where else would you rather live going through these difficult times?" Rich asked. "This is a time of struggle, but you can change the world."
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