What professional wants gray hair?

November 10, 2008
[In response to Tawn Parent's Oct. 27 column] I am a professional male who uses Grecian formula on a semi-regular basis, since turning 60. I figure all the women do it and they look younger, why not men?

With the added infirmities of age (weight, energy, stiffness, less tolerance for fools), why add one more disqualifier when relating with other people? We all fight prejudice, hidden or overt.

Older people are the coming norm in our workplace, as the baby boom sweeps through our work force, and retiring at age 62 or 65 just isn't going to be the norm as it was in the '30s, when Social Security was first thought about.

Back then, men commonly died in the mid- to late 60s. Plus, our children are not reproducing like my generation. Grandchildren are lacking. I don't want to have gray hair before I have grandchildren.


Anthony Lorenz
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