Hamilton is playing ‘the chess game’

June 24, 2017


Then: Indiana Recycling Coalition executive director

Now: Indiana Recycling Coalition executive director, Indiana House representative

Age: 45

Carey Hamilton still oversees the Indiana Recycling Coalition, which is working with the Hogsett administration on a more comprehensive recycling program for the city and also is pushing the statewide Indiana Food Scrap Initiative to reduce and recycle food waste. But in 2016, spurred by a call from Democratic Rep. Christina Hale, who was running for lieutenant governor, Hamilton won election to represent House District 87.

In the Legislature, she’s focused on ending gerrymandering. (“Folks across the state are getting fired up as they learn how gerrymandering has hurt our democratic process and disenfranchised a lot of voters.”) She’s also “glad to be an environmental voice in the Legislature and also glad to support the growth of the tech industry.”

She said she likes the new position. “I love relationship-building and I love the chess game of it. I don’t always love the outcome, but the work of it is really fascinating and energizing, and the constituent work is the most rewarding of all.”•

—Marc D. Allan 



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