Mainstreet Property Group cuts 12 workers in reorganization

November 16, 2017

Mainstreet Property Group, a Carmel-based developer of senior care facilities, said it has laid off 12 employees as part of a corporate reorganization.

CEO Zeke Turner did not return phone calls Thursday to discuss the action. An outside spokeswoman, Kate Snedeker, said in an email the layoffs were done “in order to get properly set around our new strategy.”

She did not respond to a question about what the strategy involved.  She said the layoffs represented about 4 percent of Mainstreet’s workforce, but did not say what departments and functions were affected.

Mainstreet is a private company that runs several health care-related businesses, including developing “post-acute-care” facilities, which focus on short stays by older patients after they leave the hospital but before they are ready to go home.

In April 2016, Mainstreet said it had cut 10 people, or about 7 percent of its workforce.

At the time, Turner said the cuts were for performance and reallocation reasons and not due to any financial issues.



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