Republican mailing stirs controversy in South Bend

October 17, 2007
Democrats are accusing the state Republican Party of negative campaigning after the party mailed cards to residents of South Bend claiming that businesses are leaving the city, among other problems.

"RIP," said the card, which has a picture of a tombstone. "Here lies South Bend, a once vibrant city now abandoned by business, overrun by violent crime and driving people from their family homes because of high taxes."

The card also accuses incumbent Democratic Mayor Stephen Luecke of presiding over the decline, according to the South Bend Tribune.

The card does not ask that voters replace Luecke with his Republican challenger, Juan Manigault, but Manigault, who said he wasn't behind the mailing, nevertheless supports the message.

The metro area hasn't recovered from heavy manufacturing losses sustained early in the decade.
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