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18 thoughts on “Legislature poised to enact transgender athlete ban

  1. Excellent. Let’s hope the bill passes and overrides “chicken” Holcomb’s capitulating to the noisy, confused minority that has too much of his attention….and validates his “RINO” credentials.

  2. The odds that your kid or grandkid is going to get a college scholarship for sports, or go on to a pro career, are incredibly low. And the odds that a transgender athlete is going to beat out your kid or grandkid for that opportunity are infinitely lower. It’s not like there are tens of thousands of kids just waiting to change genders so they can go one up on the opposite sex in sports. I just don’t understand the undeserved hype and hysteria about this issue. Seems like we have bigger problems to solve.

    1. I agree with your last sentence about bigger problems. If a male under the age of 18 thinks he is a female, he has far bigger problems than making the girls swim team. As for hype and hysteria, as always it is coming from Democrats. It’s mind numbing that we need a law stating the sky is blue, but when Democrats are screeching and suing to say the sky is orange, this is what we get.

    2. A reminder, Chuck, the folks who say the sky is falling and we must do SOMETHING RIGHT NOW TO SAVE THE CHILDREN on this issue are Republicans.

      The IHSAA has solved this issue. The one transgendered boy who tried to play girls sports dropped out before they even finished applying. This is all a matter of public record. That’s how effective the IHSAA policy is.

      All Republicans can do is point to examples in other states or at the college level (which this bill exempts) as their excuse for action.

      Republicans are so wrong on this issue they’re making the IHSAA look good. Think about THAT for a moment.

  3. Daniel R, you miss the whole point of school sports. Few youngsters expect scholarships or pro careers for their sports achievements, but why should they be denied a level biological playing field to compete with others of their gender for school records? If you think we have bigger problems to solve, you haven’t seen anything until the confused people backing this gender-neutral nonsense get their way in years to come. It’s one of many slippery slopes on which our culture seems hell-bent on sliding down into oblivion.

    1. They aren’t being denied a level playing field Bob and you know it. You’re spreading lies and that’s the nicest way I can put it.

    2. You know that no one is being denied an equal playing field.

      You know that the IHSAA policy requires any transgendered athlete to have the same bone density and muscle mass as the people they’re competing against.

      You also know that hormone treatments don’t reduce bone density and muscle mass.

      You also know that the only person who started the process in Indiana stopped before they even finished applying. Want to bet they got to the fine print or medical results and they realized they had no chance? This would be the case for the super vast majority of people who tried to play sports.

      My child plays an IHSAA sport in which a biological male would dominate. I’ve never once worried about a transgendered kid playing that sport due to the IHSAA policy. The IHSAA policy is fair to all and logical. The Indiana legislature is foolish to wade in.

  4. The bill is unnecessary – the Indiana High School Athletic Association already has policies and procedures in place to address this. This bill is just political grandstanding.

  5. Things I don’t understand. OK if this is about something that doesn’t exist. Why are people spending so much time opposing it? Just move on, laugh at how silly the other side is for spending time and resources on this topic. But instead, it is taking up a lot of time from the libs, the press and others. (Including the governor who didn’t want to spend time on it.) So, all this tells me the bill is as we said in the military, “Over The Target”.

  6. Holcomb veto on this issue falls right in line with the globalist narrative. Unfortunately Eric will not be around for this over ride vote. He will be to busy rubbing shoulders with the Klaus Schwab’s, George Soro’s and John Kerry’s of the world for continuation of there health care tyranny. On the agenda is how to put all health care issues in the hands of the United Nation’s and the World Economic Funds to completely circumvention the 10th amendment to the US Constitution.
    But you knew Holcomb was a lousy leader that can not make a decision that is positive for Indiana. Our legislators need to but a bit in his mouth and bridle this beast before he sells us out to the global elitist.

  7. I was a republican once. There was a time when the republican party stood for reason over emotion, and the protections of personal freedoms over government intervention. Between this and Sen. Ruckleshouse’s anti eye tattoo bill, I’m not sure which one is more ridiculous. I wish the legislature would spend their time trying to improve our states education system, roads, and infrastructure. Oh, or maybe they should look into the services provided for disadvantaged children in our fair state. God knows that problem is likely to get a lot worse. In the meantime we cannot even compete for new facilities being built by our own native corporations. I was a republican once.

    1. Because it’s easier to get re-elected fixing a problem that never existed than fixing the roads. That would require real leadership.

  8. My 3 daughters all played high school sports against other young women. They enjoyed a great deal of success and have many joyful memories. If they had been forced to compete against biological males that would not have been the case.