Moving lessons from classrooms to boardrooms: MBA students get firsthand experience with startups

No matter how many bold and italicized words scholars cram into textbooks, nothing compares to students rolling up their sleeves and testing a theory themselves. For years, Indiana University's Kelley School of Business has offered its Bloomington MBA candidates real-world experience through so-called "academies" focused on specific industries. Now Kelley Indianapolis' evening MBA program is set to launch a scaled-back version for its students. This fall, it will offer three such "enterprise" programs, including one with an entrepreneurial emphasis. The...
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Artist out to protect her images: Noel sues Texas distributor for copyright infringement

Zionsville artist Nancy Noel's original work can be seen in the homes of Mikhail Gorbachev, Robert Redford, Denzel Washington and Oprah Winfrey. Noel prides herself on its originality and authenticity. And she said she'll "go after anyone" who threatens that. This spring, Noel filed a federal lawsuit against Texas-based art distributor Martha Ewell, alleging she made unauthorized copies of Noel's images-including her popular Amish and angel collections-and sold them on the Internet. She is asking to be paid $30,000 for...
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Indianapolis marketing firm plays 'game' to win: Fun environment helps CIK Enterprises earn reputation as a 'best' place to work, inspires employees to give their all

Business is often compared to a game. There are winners and losers, MVPs and benchwarmers, touchdowns and penalties. Only the strong survive. The leaders at Indianapolis-based CIK Enterprises LLC take the competition seriously. But they don't see why it can't be fun, too. CIK's 30,000-square-foot Georgetown Road office, known as "the stadium," features green, blue and orange walls, some of which are rounded. Huge puzzle pieces listing company goals decorate the spacious atrium. A life-size Monopoly board displays monumental moments...
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Gladish strengthening his ties to Indianapolis: Ex-YMCA president joins IU's Center on Philanthropy

Kenneth Gladish first laced up his sneakers as a YMCA kid in Northbrook, Ill. Decades later, he tightened his tie as president of the national organization. In between, Gladish was a central figure in the Indianapolis charitable sector. Now his time at the YMCA of the USA has come to an end, and Gladish's next step is up in the air. But one thing's for sure-he'll be maintaining his ties to Indianapolis. Gladish, 53, has accepted a three-year appointment as...
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