MARKETING: Take ethical high road and set good example

A student bartender explained that the bar owner requires his employees to serve cheap liquor in place of the more expensive liquors listed on the menus. "The customers don't know the difference. So who's hurt?" she asked. What difference does it make that customers pay for a top-quality product and actually receive a low-quality substitute? Let's see. What kind of ethical standard is the bar owner setting for his young employees? How many businesses down the road will be tainted...
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MARKETING: What happens when customers get angry? Don't find out

A recent newspaper article reported on an unhappy customer of a cable company who stormed into its office with a claw hammer and beat on a computer monitor, keyboard and a telephone, expressing her anger at unresponsiveness and lack of service. How often have you felt the urge to behave in exactly that manner? That story got me thinking about the anger apparent in our contemporary society: Incidents of road rage. The recent uprising by dissatisfied voters who unseated incumbents....
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MARKETING: How can social media help promote your business?

MySpace. YouTube. Podcasting. Blogging. All are terms of the social media world, which offers businesses new ways to reach out to new and/or larger audiences. Let's define these using explanations provided by www.wikipedia.org: MySpace: a social networking Web site offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music, and videos internationally. www.myspace.com YouTube: video-sharing Web site where users can upload, view and share video clips, including movies, TV clips, music videos and amateur content, such as...
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MARKETING: Are you in a position to hear your customers?

Our family's license plate renewal tags have always arrived by the deadline date each year, but this year the end of the month rolled around and our five cars still carried last year's stickers. It dawned on us that we'd all be driving illegally. Our son drove to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles office nearest his home to see if he could get his two tags. My husband and I both had client appointments to which we had to drive....
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