CJ McClanahan

CJ McClanahan

Small Biz Leadership columnist

McClanahan is the founder and president of Reachmore, a leadership training and consulting firm. He also hosts central Indiana’s premier radio program for entrepreneurs, “Let’s Talk Business” (which broadcasts on Sundays at noon on WXNT-AM 1430). After beginning his career with the Chicago-based accounting firm Arthur Andersen, where he helped organizations use technology to improve their business processes, McClanahan shifted his focus toward small businesses. He served as the director of finance and operations for a midsized manufacturing organization and as a director of sales and business development for a software company with global sales of more than $20 million. He began his consulting career as a licensed business coach with Action Coach and was soon recognized as one of the top coaches in the United States. He was named “Rookie of the Year” and “Coach of the Year” in his territory and was recognized nationally with the “Action Man of the Year” award. McClanahan is an active leader in his community, having served as the president of the Penrod Society and Rainmakers. McClanahan also was also named to the 2006 class of IBJ's "Forty under 40.”


E-mail: cjm@goreachmore.com


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Our lives are filled to the max with stuff: iPhone® 4 (and we can't wait for a 5G model), 60-inch LCD flat-screen televisions (though now we need the 3-D version), numerous sports lessons to which we drag our children (you know, because they're going to be future NBA/NFL stars), seventy-hour workweeks, Facebook accounts, Twitter accounts, blogs. No matter what and how much we have, and no matter how many things we try to add into our day, it's never enough. We have more than the previous generation could ever imagine, so why are our lives flooded with devastating amounts of stress, anxiety, depression, and loneliness? And what can we do to change this constant, never-ending search for fulfillment? View