Tom Phillips

Tom Phillips

Small Biz HR columnist

Phillips is founder and managing partner of Phillips & Associates, a Carmel human resource and management consulting company founded in 1994. He holds an MBA from the University of Illinois as well as several professional certifications. He belongs to the Human Resource Association of Central Indiana, the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists and the Johnson County Employee Relations Resources Association. Phillips also is a trustee for a $1.5 billion multi-employer retirement plan, participates in various community service organizations, serves as a coach, instructor and mentor for human resource professionals and contributes articles and information to various publications.





A personnel checklist for 2009-part 1

If you are a human resources professional, the start of a new year is an excellent time to assess the human resource function in your company, including how well your company is complying with the many and often complex employment laws.
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HUMAN RESOURCES: If you hire in a hurry, you may feel bad for a long time

Of all the components of finding and hiring the right employees, employers consider interviewing job candidates the most difficult. If not done well, interviews can lead an employer to make the wrong decision. Why? Because job candidates rehearse their answers to the traditional interview questions, telling the employers what they want to hear. However, if employers ask behavioral based questions, job candidates can't manipulate their answers as easily. Perhaps a scenario-a composite taken from typical real-life episodes-will illustrate the difference...
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HUMAN RESOURCES: Think your business is too small for HR? Think again

After squeezing 36 hours out of every 24-hour day, you have reached a milestone in your business: You realize you need help. How you find, hire and treat employees-from that first one to those that follow-can accelerate your success or throw obstacles in your way. The moment you begin the search for your first employee, you enter the intricate world of "human resources." If you're like many busy entrepreneurs, you have given little thought to how to do that. You...
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