Pence speech

Pence pitches balanced budget amendment in address

In his third State of the State address, Gov. Mike Pence called for a balanced budget amendment that he says will protect Indiana from a possible economic downturn and will show Hoosiers their tax dollars are being spent wisely.

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Lawmakers move to monitor State Board of Accounts

A subcommittee of the Indiana Legislative Council met this week to determine the goals and best practices of a new Audit Committee, which is meant to operate as a type of peer-review system for the State Board of Accounts.

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Ivy Tech to ask state lawmakers for more cash

The Ivy Tech Community College trustees have passed a resolution telling the college’s leaders to ask the Indiana General Assembly and the Indiana Commission for Higher Education for additional funding.

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Deal on mass-transit legislation headed for vote

The compromise language does not include a provision to establish a light-rail system or an increase in corporate taxes. However, the legislation would still allow for an increase in individual income taxes pending voter approval.

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