INVESTING: Looming debt problems present an opportunity

Whenever this bear market bottoms—and there is a growing possibility that we will see new lows in coming months—millions of investors will be throwing all kinds of assets away for pennies on the dollar. The discounts so far could pale in comparison. So, be patient, be prudent and be ready.

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INVESTING Growing government likely to keep bull at bay I want to make a new friend in Washington. I would like to believe the Environmental Protection Agency can be that friend. All I need to do is get the folks there to like me, then convince them it’s the economic environment they need to protect […]

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Buy-and-hold evidence can be misleading

You’ve heard all the nonsense from the mainline advisers and brokers. They say a buy-and-hold approach is the answer, the
market always comes back, and diversified investing is the key to long-term success. You are starting to get the sense that it’s all bull. Here’s why.

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