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Jim Gilmore only presidential candidate not on the ballot in Indiana

February 6, 2016

Sorry, Jim Gilmore.

The somehow-still-standing Republican presidential candidate—and former Virginia governor—was the only presidential candidate that didn’t make it onto the ballot in Indiana in time for Friday’s noon filing deadline.

A presidential candidate has to get 500 signatures of registered voters in each of Indiana’s nine congressional districts to qualify for the ballot. The signatures are first certified by the counties and then filed with the state along with a declaration of candidacy.

But Gilmore didn’t submit any petitions to the counties, according to the Indiana Secretary of State’s Office.

Given his performance in Iowa, and the fact that he’s not registering in the polls, it’s perhaps not surprising. Gilmore earned 12 votes in the Iowa caucuses.


"The Late Show" host Stephen Colbert poked fun at Gilmore’s performance in Iowa on his show, saying, “That is less, and this is true, than the number of people in Iowa named Jim Gilmore, all of whom, because I said that, are more electable than Jim Gilmore.”

But Gilmore seems undeterred. He’s been bragging on his twitter account about staying in the race past Rand Paul, using the hashtag #StillStanding and tweeting about his #Gilmemtum.

You may be still standing somehow, Jim.

But not in Indiana.

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