A&E Preview: Bryan Fonseca’s next stage

In 2018 his Fonseca Theatre jumped headlong into a full season of plays focused on diversity and issue-driven theater, using Indy Convergence and other existing spaces. At the same time, Fonseca and his team purchased and began renovating a new theater.

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A&E preview: 120+ events you shouldn’t miss this season

Welcome to the 2019/2020 central Indiana arts season. I say that assuming you are an audience member and not one of the thousands of local arts professionals and talented non-pros. Many of those folks have already been hard at work creating and curating what you’ll see on stages and in galleries and experience elsewhere over the coming months.

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2015-2016 A&E Season Preview

A seasoned arts-goer? Someone returning after a hiatus? An adventurer looking to try something new? Here are more than 125 events that could get you excited about the season.

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