Library board saves branches, seeks long-term fix

The Indianapolis-Marion County Public Library board of trustees agreed Thursday to keep open two library branches targeted
for closure next year. Board members also outlined $2.5 million in proposed budget cuts for 2011 to help stem the growing
gap between revenue and expenses.

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EDITORIAL: Don’t abandon basic services because of tax caps

The property tax caps that are all but sure to become part of the Indiana constitution after a voter referendum
this November
are definitely good politics—and might prove to be good policy. We won’t know for sure until we see what becomes
of two property-tax funded entities that are starving as the caps fully phase in.

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City revamping management of parking operations

The city of Indianapolis is seeking to consolidate management of its parking operations into a single, long-term lease that
could net it tens of millions of dollars to make street and sidewalk repairs. City leaders are expected to release a request
for proposals “soon.”

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