Construction jobs trickling in from road stimulus

Federal stimulus money for Indiana highway projects so far has put to work 1,222 people with a payroll of $1.27 million,
according to state records of 42 projects under way in which contractors have reported job data. The work, ranging
from paving to replacing bridge decks, had a total contract value of $39.2 million.

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City considering new parking meter plan

City officials are considering several proposals designed to wrestle more revenue out of
the city’s roughly 4,000 parking meters, including
the possibility of a long-term lease to a private firm, a move that netted Chicago more than $1 billion
last year.

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Velodrome plans in limbo

While the Marian College cycling team has been off this month hunting national championships in Colorado, a plan by school officials to manage the Major Taylor Velodrome has not yet won support from Indy Parks.

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