Katz Sapper’s embarrassment

Yesterdayâ??s disclosure by KSM Capital Advisors that its clients might be out $15 million from the alleged
Madoff scandal probably wonâ??t be the last local fallout. At minimum, it has been a stressful and embarrassing
time for a…

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Givers get strategic

 Wealthy people are getting more advice from hired professionals and less from peers and not-for-profit personnel when
decisions about charitable giving, a new study shows.

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Saving our way deeper into a hole

A recent article in The Economist predicts a deep recession next year if we Americans abandon our spendthrift
ways and swing back to a savings lifestyle. What other nation, the magazine wonders, would buy enough things
to keep…

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Reasons not to retire

Plenty of people plan to work until at least age 67, when eligibility for full Social Security benefits
kicks in, a new study shows. And itâ??s not just for the money.

Many say remaining in the workplace will help them…

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VC firm raises $116M for second fund after knocking first one out of park

Thanks to hefty 35-percent gross returns on its $60 million first fund, locally based Centerfield Capital Partners LP has
raised nearly twice as much for its second. This month, the venture capital firm closed on $116 million from a variety of
investors. As before, Centerfield’s 50 limited partners include major Hoosier institutions. But this time, numerous big banks,
insurance companies and pension funds from outside state lines were also investors.

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Do you demand a 401(k)?

Corporations are boosting 401(k) plans even as they abandon traditional pension plans.

Workers are getting automatic enrollment, more investment options and greater contributions from employers.

Employees want 401(k)s, and theyâ??re good for business, companies say. In fact, companies without 401(k)s…

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Boone incomes edging Hamilton

Hamilton County is where the wealth is, followed by Boone County, right?

Not necessarily, anymore.

The average person in Boone County now makes more money than the average person next door in Hamilton County.

In an upcoming column in IBJ, Morton Marcus, who…

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The merits of earthquake coverage

Everyone has a story to tell today about this morningâ??s earthquake, which came from West Salem, Ill., and
measured 5.4 on the Richter scale. People were awakened. Things moved.

This quake was a piker compared to the devastation the…

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University foundations and tuition

College and university foundations have been raking in the dollars in the past few years due to big investment
returns. Millions of dollars have flowed in.

As IBJ reporter Tracy Donhardt wrote in this weekendâ??s paper, critics say more of…

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