Venture investors get stingy during outbreak

Institutional markets became increasingly volatile as COVID-19 spread across Asia, then Europe and now the United States, leaving venture capitalists holding tighter to their cash and spending more time examining the health of the companies in which they’ve already invested.

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Indy-based AI firm raises $700,000

The round was led by Johnson City, Tennessee-based The Angel Roundtable and included participation from Elevate Ventures and four other investors, who were all involved in previous rounds.

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Tech firm’s device helps fetch Fido

As a former police officer, Jordan Hetlund knows the value of keeping track of police dogs that can represent a five-figure investment for cities and towns. As a dog-lover, the native Hoosier knows how precious pet dogs and cats are to their owners. So in 2017, he founded Indianapolis-based Furtrieve LLC and spent a year developing a device that helps track the whereabouts of domestic animals.

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