IT consultant up for tax abatement

A city board this week will consider tax abatements worth about $47,000 over six years for Indianapolis-based IT consultant
Apparatus Inc., which is moving its headquarters to the former WFYI building at 1401 N. Meridian St.

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Government officials dangle incentives, attracting firms across county lines

Marion County economic development officials are proud of their latest headquarters attraction. Bowen Engineering Corp.
will inject 103 high-paying jobs into the Indianapolis economy immediately. And over time, the company expects
to add another 138. Their average salaries will top $70,000. The deal didn’t require Mayor Greg Ballard
to travel to Japan, or even to another state. Bowen Engineering is moving all of 8.4 miles, from its former
home in Fishers to the 8800 block of North Meridian Street.

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