Wintry weather testing work snow-day policies

Coping with wintery blasts is made easier by advancements in work-from-home technology. But different kinds of companies have
different policies when it comes to giving employees the option to telecommute or blow off the workday altogether.

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Indiana workplace deaths rise slightly

The number of Hoosiers who died on the job last year ticked up from the previous year. But the total still represents the
second-fewest workplace fatalities since the federal government began tracking the statistic in 1992, the Indiana Department
of Labor said today.

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Firearm advocates take aim at employers’ restrictions

Legislators in the upcoming session of the Indiana General Assembly are gearing up for a gunfight with high-caliber business
implications. On one side are employees who prefer to pack heat during their commute. On the other are executives who see
guns as a liability nightmare–even if they’re locked in cars parked outside.

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