Indianapolis ad agency signs Hillbillies deal

October 30, 2008

Baton Rouge, La.-based Beverly Hillbillies Brands has hired MZD Advertising as its advertising and promotional agency of record.

In addition to public relations, the Indianapolis agency will be responsible for marketing the Beverly Hillbillies brand in a number of ventures.

"The great thing about the Beverly Hillbillies brand is that it's recognizable around the world," said Beverly Hillbillies Brands CEO Robert Miller in a press release. "Pre-boomers viewed the original show as adults. The boomers grew up with the Clampetts. And, Generation X'ers first viewed the show in syndication on network television and now find it retro-cool. There are also people in the current generation who are now seeing the show in daily syndication on cable TV channels."

A primary goal of the relationship is to launch Beverly Hillbillies-themed restaurants, possibly at or near Indianapolis International Airport and Midway Airport in Chicago, MZD officials said. The restaurant would be formatted after the mansion in which the TV family lived.

Miller described the menu as cleverly named, gourmet-quality comfort food. In the bar area, patrons will be able to order drinks such as Granny's White Lightning and Clampett Texas Tea.

Miller added that the concept will be reinforced daily through the national TV Land broadcasts into 91 million homes, 16 hours a week.

"There will be 900 million viewings this year because of our syndication," Miller said. "The Beverly Hillbillies will be broadcast for three additional years producing 2.8 billion viewings."

Miller became acquainted with MZD CEO Alan Zukerman through other business transactions and decided to give the local firm a crack at the agency-of-record assignment.

Miller said he is especially pleased to be doing business with an Indiana firm, noting that the Hoosier state is "absolutely" one of the best places to do business in the U.S.

"We chose Indiana because the transportation network and diversity of businesses make it one of the most vibrant places in the country," Miller said.

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