S.S. Purdue taking on water:

November 7, 2005

Rome may have been burning but, in West Lafayette, Purdue University is leaking.

The university has proposed a complex funding plan to address crumbling infrastructure resulting from declining state funding.

Purdue President Martin Jischke proposes that Purdue set aside $15 million annually for repairs, money that would come from sources including $60 million in bonds to address half of the $120 million deferred repair backlog. The bonds would be paid off through budget reallocations and revenue from student fees for repairs and rehabilitation.

Officials expect the student fee will generate $800,000 by 2007 and $2.4 million in 2012.

Another $1 million could come from the university's general fund budget.

Jischke said the backlog of work exceeds $413 million, including water leaks and deteriorating electrical systems.

The university also wants the state to kick in more cash.
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