Actors Theatre of Indiana's "Nunsense"

March 3, 2010

March 3-28
Carmel Community Playhouse

Now here’s where local theater can get confusing. In the previous item, I mentioned a non-professional company, Carmel Community Players, hosting a professional entertainer at an area high school. Now I’m talking about a professional local company, Actors Theatre of Indiana, using Carmel Community Players’ space for its own show. (Trust me, it’s going to get even more confusing when amateur, professional and semi-pro companies, both local and touring, converge on the new performing arts center in Carmel.)

“Nunsense” is one of those shows that seem to effortlessly draw laughs and generate good will. It’s harmless and goofy, its songs are fun, and, in the right hands (and habits), it can transform from an entertaining, low-maintenance night out into something blissful. Details here.