March 10, 2010

March 12-28
Indianapolis Civic Theatre

If you haven’t seen “Carousel” in years (or only saw the movie), you might be surprised at how dark the Rodgers and Hammerstein masterpiece is. At least it is before the “end of the storm.”

With its anger-management-challenged leading man and a damaged leading lady who is “quieter and deeper than a well,” “Carousel” daringly paints its characters as real people, not theater archetypes. Success for productions of it depends on finding the balance between the beauty of its rousing, haunting, stunning score and the inarticulate lives of its characters. The key to “Carousel” is that, like us, its characters don’t always say what they mean or what they feel. Or even know what they mean or feel.

When it works, this is as good as musical theater gets. For details on Indianapolis Civic Theatre’s production, click here.