"Becky's New Car"

March 24, 2010

Through  April 11
Indiana Repertory Theatre

    The Indiana Repertory Theatre lightens things up with a production of this comedy by Steven Dietz. In it, a woman’s flirtation with a wealthy visitor to her workplace gets out of control when the very married title character leads him to believe she’s a widow. The fourth-wall-breaking comedy features Constance Macy and Robert Neal. Nicholas Hormann (Abe Lincoln in the season-opener “The Heavens Are Hung in Black”) plays the man with the money.
    This production is the first part of a potentially interesting Dietz double-header. His play “Yankee Tavern” opens at the Phoenix Theatre in April. Interested in learning more about the man, his work and the play development process? Visit the Phoenix on April 8 when I’ll be hosting a free, on-stage conversation with the playwright. Details on the Dietz talk here. Details on “Becky’s New Car” here.