Conner Prairie Opening Weekend

March 24, 2010

March 27-28
Conner Prairie

    It’s understandable if you think nothing could be new at Conner Prairie, where history is meticulously re-created. But here are just some of the ways the opening weekend this year is different from those of previous years:
    --A science lab offers ways to explore how weather shaped history.
    --You can test your skills at trapping and fire-starting by playing Frontier Survivor.
    --Homemade maple cake samples are available courtesy of Mrs. Zimmerman, who will be baking them and offering cooking tips.
    --Jenny’s Party breaks out every day at 3:30 featuring games, dancing and snacks.
    --Opportunities to help with sewing and carpentry have been added.
    --Talk to the Doctors features a chance to explore how the medical world has changed.
    For details on these and more, click here.