Stutz Artists Open House

April 21, 2010

April 23-24
Stutz Building

 One of the reasons the Stutz Artists Open House is such a fun event is that the wonderful building itself is so difficult to navigate. You think you’re going one way, you’re really going another. Stairways don’t seem to lead where you expect them to. And that gallery you visited that you thought was down this corridor really isn’t. Sometimes, it feels like being trapped in an M.C. Escher drawing.

Why is that good? Because it adds a greater sense of discovery to this annual event, where about 70 artists open their studio doors to visitors, increasing the chance that you are going to find something you weren’t necessarily looking for.

This year’s event includes food and drink not just from the building’s Bearcats eatery but also from nearby Creation Café/Euphoria, Judge’s Bar-B-Que and more. Cynthia Laine and others provide the music. And Turner Woodard’s car collection adds to the unique sense of place. If 10:30 is too early for you to call it a night on Friday, follow the crowd to the after party at ARTBOX Gallery, conveniently located in the Stutz II Building. Details here.