Citizens' takeover of water will be a relief

April 24, 2010

Tom Henderson gets it wrong in his [April 12] view that “Part of the overall utility problem is that lack of government oversight and public policy vision has made Indianapolis one of the highest-polluting and just plain ugliest cities in the Midwest.”

For the last eight years, the water utility has had the increased government oversight that he covets and where has it gotten? Seven politically appointed board members (who occasionally can’t get a quorum because of petty political squabbles) oversee six employees, and their oversight has resulted in a $48 million exit fee from their variable-rate-debt debacle, a bond rating downgrade, and an emergency rate hike to keep from going broke.

Citizens Gas’ takeover will be a welcome relief from this failed exercise in “government oversight and public policy vision.” Indianapolis’ growth and prosperity has been well-served by its independent public utilities, including Citizens Gas, and aesthetically the city is more attractive than Henderson gives it credit for.


John M. Davis

Church Church Hittle & Antrim

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