LEADING QUESTIONS: Conner Prairie CEO on missteps, 'The Matrix'

April 28, 2010

Welcome back to IBJ’s new video feature, “Leading Questions: Wisdom from the Corner Office.” Every week, we sit down with one of central Indiana’s top bosses and talk shop about the characteristics of an effective head honcho.

Ellen Rosenthal, president and CEO of Conner Prairie Interactive History Park, has herded the 19th-century-themed museum through the 21st century's big recession while staying on budget and increasing attendance. She wasn't always so sure-footed, however. In the video below,  she reveals the biggest misstep in her museum career. She also holds forth on fund raising in tough times and what advice she would offer young women today as they embark on careers.

Ironically, this keeper of historical customs and conventions is a big fan of science fiction. In the bonus video below, Rosenthal geeks out on author Neil Gaiman and "Star Wars," and finds surprising links between Conner Prairie and "The Matrix."


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