August 4, 2010

Aug. 5-8
Indiana Convention Center

Yes, there will be lots and lots of people—in fact, tens of thousands of them—hunched over tables of games you’ve never heard of. But this year’s massive gaming convention also includes “Hamlet vs. MacBeth: the Shakespearean SmackDown,” “Lloyd Kauffman Make Your Own Damn Movie Class,” featuring the head of Troma Entertainment, and midnight screenings of “Tank Girl,” “Tron” and “Clerks.”

Also on the schedule: a talk by Wil Wheaton of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” and “The Big Bang Theory,” an all-weekend auction—including a portion on Saturday night where all proceeds benefit the Pajama Program for poor children, an outrageous costume contest and much, much more.

And did I mention tens of thousands of people hunched over games you’ve never heard of (but might want to try)? For details, click here.