Maurer 'walks the talk'

September 18, 2010

Re: Mickey Maurer’s Sept. 6 article, “Kindness is a measure of success,” my experiences with him show he “walks the talk.” We are not friends, have never done any deals, nor ever had coffee or lunch together. He wouldn’t know me to see me.

However, over the years I have had occasion to contact him for one reason or another and he has always been prompt and courteous with his response, has helped out when he could, and courteously declined sometimes. His “kindness principles” are appropriate for all walks of life, not just business and not just entrepreneurs. I always ask Anderson University MBA students in my Career Planning class, “When your end time comes, and it could be sooner rather than later, what do you want to be remembered as and for?” That’s a sobering question and builds off of one of Stephen Covey’s “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”: “Begin with the end in mind.”

Mickey’s article gives some good suggestions. His articles are required reading for my MBAs.


Charles Waldo
Professor of marketing
Anderson University MBA program

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