"Madea’s Big Happy Family"

October 26, 2010

Oct. 31
Conseco Fieldhouse

You may not hear it from most mainstream theater reviewers (who often ignore his work), but the fact is Tyler Perry may well be the most popular playwright in America. Yes, the guy who dons grandmotherly drag at the movies has proven adept at filling theaters.

Take this musical for instance, which is bypassing such tiny, tiny theaters as Clowes Hall, the Murat and IU Auditorium to, instead, play Conseco Fieldhouse. Nobody short of Cirque du Soleil can pull that off. Attention must be paid—especially if you think commercial theater is dead.

The show concerns a woman who, after finding out she has cancer, takes her family on a vacation. True to form, it includes play-to-the-rafters jokes and raise-those-same-rafters music. Details here.