"The Santaland Diaries"

November 23, 2010

Nov. 24-Dec. 12
Waldron Auditorium, Bloomington
Dec. 2-12
IndyFringe Building

I’ve often wondered why small-scale productions don’t do more traveling around the state. After all, a show staged in West Lafayette or Bloomington or Fort Wayne isn’t likely to have much of an overlapping audience with Indianapolis.

So here’s an experiment I hope will work. Cardinal Stage, Bloomington’s professional theater company, is staging the one-elf show “The Santaland Diaries” at the Waldron Auditorium in Bloomington this weekend—then shipping it up to the IndyFringe Building for an additional two weekends.

The piece, in case you aren’t familiar, is based on humorist David Sedaris’ adventures working as a department store elf. Details here.