Restaurants step up despite hard times

April 20, 2009

In response to the "Recession menu" article from April 6 highlighting how restaurants are enticing diners during this economic downturn, I would like to offer a non-profit organization's perspective on the role of restaurants in our community.

At the Damien Center we are working with 56 restaurants that will participate in Dining Out for Life on April 30 by donating a portion of sales that day to the center. As I read the article I felt even more grateful for these extraordinary companies in our city.

Restaurants are so often asked to support non-profits and many times give very generously—their support means so much to local organizations. I would like to publicly thank the many restaurants who are continuing their charitable support during this time, including Oh Yumm Bistro and Scholar's Inn, who were mentioned in your article and who are part of Dining Out for Life.

While charitable giving is always celebrated, those who are able to continue giving at this difficult time deserve special recognition. Thank you!


Melissa Pershing, executive director
The Damien Center

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