Immigration bill's fate could be determined this week

April 9, 2011

The chairman of an Indiana House committee says he'll decide in the coming days whether the committee will take up a bill aiming for an Arizona-style crackdown on illegal immigration.

The bill approved by the Senate would allow police officers to seek proof of immigration status if they have a reasonable suspicion a person is in the country illegally.

House public policy committee Chairman Bill Davis of Portland says he doesn't want to put people in the country legally in fear of racial profiling and believes police officers have enough responsibilities.

Bill sponsor Sen. Mike Delph of Carmel says he's supporting changes to the proposal, including setting a higher legal standard for police agencies to check a person's citizenship or immigration status.

A broad coalition of local business, religious and political leaders have come out against the measure, citing fears it would portray the state as unwelcoming, chase away business prospects and cost millions to defend if challenged by the federal government.


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