Navistar recalling workers at Indianapolis plant

April 20, 2011

Navistar International Corp. is recalling workers to its plant in Indianapolis.

During a celebration Wednesday at the facility, company, union and city officials and plant employees said the expanding business in manufacturing engine components has given the plant a future. The business will be called PurePower Technologies LLC, a Navistar Company.

Illinois-based Navistar has recalled 120 workers who were laid off when Indianapolis Casting Corp. stopped production at the facility in late 2010 and plans to recall 30 more of those workers by June, it said in a news release. Long-term plans include hiring 100 new employees by 2014 and investing $19 million in technology and supporting equipment.

The plant is one of the few remaining facilities in the country that make automotive engine blocks and heads.

Navistar began closing the Indianapolis engine plant and foundry after Ford Motor Co. announced in 2009 it would move its diesel business to Mexico.

UAW Local 226 members voted to accept a wage cut last year, breathing new life in the plant.

The local plant will have the ability to produce diesel structure components, which includes crank cases and cylinder heads.


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