Will our kids know how to enjoy quiet?

June 8, 2009

What a refreshing article I read this week, "Anyone remember the sounds of silence?" by Carol Faenzi. I appreciate and agree with her view and perhaps appreciate even more that IBJ would be willing to print something beyond the realm of finance, development, business or politics.

I too am concerned that the generations to come will never even understand the idea of a quiet evening with a good glass of wine and soft music or the idea of letting your mind go where it will in the silence or in the sounds of nature.

I can see my sons looking up the concept via Wikipedia (there is [an entry] on quiet time, by the way). Even in nature I picture a scene where their young minds are saying, "Yeah, yeah, this is pretty. Now can we find a location with some reception so I can text my friends about my every move?" The ability to enjoy silence, to be comfortable in it, to strip away all the noise and distractions is becoming somewhat of an art form--one I hope will not soon be forgotten.

As a musician and songwriter, I've learned that I simply can't do those things in the midst of noise and bustle, and I too wish we'd all take a little more time to just be.

Greg Deason

Director, Purdue Research Parks

West Lafayette

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