Jimmy Fallon

January 25, 2012

Jan. 29

Clowes Hall

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon … for doing what David Letterman should be doing—broadcasting your late-night show from Indianapolis during Super Bowl week. (Well, from Wednesday-Friday and then on Saturday. A shame you are going to be missing Monday and Tuesday, though, because downtown Indy rocks on Monday and Tuesday evenings.)

Thank you, Clowes Hall … for hosting Fallon for this one-night stand-up show, technically called “Jimmy Fallon and Friends.”

Thank you, Jimmy Fallon’s friends … for the long nights you’ve no doubt spent helping him forget the animated film “Doogal.”

And thank you, Jimmy Fallon writing crew … for creating an ongoing skit as fun as Jimmy Fallon’s thank-you notes. Welcome to Indy.

 Details on the stand-up show—and to see a Jimmy Fallon doll visiting Butler U.’s campus on the back of Blue II—click here.