"God of Carnage"

February 29, 2012


Through March 24

Indiana Repertory Theatre

Showcase roles for a small cast of four. A single set. Issues that anyone with kids can relate to (two sets of parents try to civilly address a schoolyard fight between their children). Great New York reviews. A stack of awards. It stands to reason that Yasmina Roza’s “God of Carnage” is the hottest show in regional theaters right now. Roman Polanski’s film version (title shortened to “Carnage”) came and went without much of a blip, which may be a blessing, since audiences can come to the show with a sense of what-will-happen-next excitement. Constance Macy (see IBJ’s “Clutch Hitters” story and video here), Tim Grimm, Ryan Artzberger and Shannon Holt star. Details here