"Manon" live in HD

April 4, 2012

April 7

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The biggest opera house in the world isn’t in New York or Paris. It’s at a theater near you. That’s because the Metropolitan Opera has been broadcasting select operas direct from its New York landmark into popcorn houses. The result: Opera junkies beyond the big, big cities get to experience more opera than ever before. And while it’s not quite the same as being there (for that, visit the next Indianapolis Opera production), it’s still a great use of technology.

The latest Met-at-the-multiplex offering is Massanet’s “Manon,” featuring Paul Szot (known to musical fans for his award-winning stint in Lincoln Center’s recent “South Pacific”) in a show big enough to include an angelic choir and a ballet interlude in telling the story of a woman sidetracked on her way to a convent.

 Now if only a local theater would bring in the National Theatre broadcasts from London. Details on the opera broadcast here